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The following is a history of the BKC, this history has been compiled by Nancy Bowman from previous newsletters, meeting minutes and memory.  This history is continuously being updated.  If any members reading this have something to add or change please contact Nancy Bowman.

Updated 1/17/2007


History of the Beckley West Virginia Kennel Club, Inc.


The Beckley West Virginia Kennel Club had its first meeting in November 1977.  In December 1977, Linda & Joe Scott and Susan Lane were the first Officers for the Club. 


In January 1978 Jo & Ed Richmond, Benny Holley, Bobby Holley, Gary Shrewsbury, Jody Foster and Karen Breeden joined the Kennel Club.  Following latter of that same year Kathy Fleming, Phil Noel, Gloria Fletcher joined the Club.  In 1979 Pat & Jack came from Charleston to help organize the Beckley West Virginia Kennel Club.  Marie & Chris Ziegler joined the Club in 1979.  Jack Weber joined in 1979.  Nancy Hendrickson & Betty Price joined in 1988.  Kathy Kambrouris & Sandra Barnett joined the Club in 1990


1980 Club Members had to go to Court


The Beckley Kennel club started with Matches in September 1, 1978 at the Oak Hill Junior High School, Oak Hill, WV.  The Club had 8 regular matches.  In 1982 and 1983 the Club had four (4) BOB Matches, followed by three (3) AOA Matches in 1985 and 1986.


November 1978 – First Newsletter – Beckley Kennel Club


February 1979 – Kennel Club admitted Junior as a Separate Membership


1991 at New River Park – Beckley WV – First Canine Good Citizens Test – Nancy Hendrickson with the help of the Mayo Family.  $5.00


August 29, 1992 – Canine Good Citizens Test at New River Park – Nancy Hendrickson


November 26, 1993 – Canine Good Citizens Test – Wishbone Circuit (Beckley – Magic Valley, Charleston, & KoTCH, Huntington) Dr. Barbara Snyder help with organizing.  Had two CGC test at this location then one a year in Beckley.


 Angie Sweeney-Sellards took over the Canine Good Citizens test in 1999, from Nancy Hendrickson.  Test given at New River Park, Angie Sellards Kennels, Marlene Church’s Kennel, Laura Plumley’s Kennels.  Laura Plumley did CGC at Woodrow Wilson and at Maxwell Hill Community Center


Picnics – At Nancy Hendrickson’s, Jo Richmond’s, Marie Ziegler’s, Kay Blose,  Angie Sweeney, Diane Orange, Kathy Fleming, Jack Weber,  Phil Noel


Previous Officers of the Club:  Linda & Joe Scott, Susan Lane, Gary Shrewsberry, Karen Breeden, Gloria Fletcher, Kathy Fleming, Jo Richmond, Ed Richmond, Marie Ziegler, Chris Ziegler, Nancy Hendrickson, Benny Holley, Betty Price, Bobby Holley, Phil Noel, Sandy Carr-Lilly, Karen Bonifacio, Nancy Whitt, Susan Cook, Luella West, Stephanie Murphy, Marie Bennington, Sheryl Sweeney, Debbie Barnes, Pam Parson, Nancy Bowman, Angie Sellards, Marlene Church, Diane Orange, Chuck Orange, Alicia Blackburn, Natalie Hardman, Marty Agee, Kim Cassidy, Kim Rowley, Johnny King, Laura Plumley, Pat Hodges, Melinda Gregg, Sheila Rice, Pat Winter, Kay Blasι


Lifetime Members:  Jo Richmond, Kathy Fleming, Nancy Hendrickson,


Deaths in the BWVKC:  Nancy Hendrickson, 12/03/ 2002, Marie Ziegler 2003, Lori Vecellio – Honaker, 2003, Chris Ziegler, April 2004, Jerry Jones 2006.


Previous Show Chairman: Gary Shrewsberry, Marie Ziegler, Nancy Hendrickson, Kathy Fleming, Jo Richmond, Nancy Bowman, Pat Hodges


Assistant Show Chairman:  Gary Shrewsberry, Phil Noel, Marie Ziegler, Nancy Bowman, Chris Ziegler, Marlene Church, Kathy Fleming


Previous Match Show Chairman:  Gary Shrewsberry, Phil Noel, Kathy Fleming, Marie Ziegler, Angie Sellards, Jo Richmond, Ed Richmond, Kim Rowley, Diane Orange


Previous Obedience Chairman:  Nancy Bowman, Kim Cassida, Angie Sellards, Laura Plumley, Kay Blose, Kim Rowley, Natalie Hardman, Helen Igo,


Obedience Classes Held at:  New River Park, Angie Sellards Kennel, Laura Plumley Kennel, Saddlebred, Marlene Church Kennel (Puppy Classes), Woodrow Wilson, Maxwell Hill Community Center.


Obedience Instructors:  Marie Ziegler, Nancy Hendrickson, Laura Plumley, Sheila Rice, Nancy Bowman, Angie Sellards, Kim Cassida,


Conformation Instructors:  Kathy Fleming, Marie Ziegler, Diane Orange,


Members that have shown at Westminster:  Kathy Fleming, Nancy Bowman, Pam Parsons


Animal Rescue:  Marie Ziegler, Jo Richmond, Pam Parsons, Laura Hark-Plumley, Pat Winters, Angie Sellards


Canine Good Citizens Evaluator:  Nancy Bowman, Angie Sellards, Kim Cassida, Kim Rowley, Laura Plumley

 Member of the Year


December 3, 1978 – Gary Shrewsbury – First Member of the Year in the Beckley WV Kennel Club.  Maxwell Hill Community Center – Marge Foland, Union, West Virginia guest speaker.  Raffle for the Dog Book Encyclopedia


November 19, 1979 – Gloria Fletcher – Maxwell Hill Community Center – Style show for Dogs – Line up of the Ten (10) most popular breeds.  Raffle for the Complete Dog Book.


December 7, 1980 – Jo Richmond / Gary Shrewsbury – Woodrow Wilson Cafeteria – Puppet Show with original plays by the Club members.


December 6, 1981- Woodrow Wilson Cafeteria – Conformation Match / Parade of Champions


December 5, 1982 – Glade Springs – Dr. Anna Katherman, VPI, Neurologist, Virginia Polytechnic Institute showed a film on animal behavior.


December 11, 1983 – Ramada Inn – Doctor Kent C. Roberts, VPI – Dog Breeding


December 2, 1984 – Kathy Fleming - Western Steer – Joseph Scheff – Professional Stewarding


December 1985 – Pagoda Restaurant


December 7, 1986 – Seasons Restaurant – Lou Harris – AKC License Judge, Parkersburg, WV – Judging a Dog Show


December 1987


December 1988


December 1989 – Nancy Hendrickson


December 1990 – Betty Price


December 1991 – Jo Richmond


December 1992 – Nancy Hendrickson – Pasquale’s


December 1993 – Karen Breeded


December 1994 – Laura Plumley – Cattlemen Restaurant


December 3, 1995 – Marie Ziegler – Nancy Hendrickson’s Home


December 15, 1996 – Pam Parson – Pasquale’s Restaurant – Dr. Swank, Oak Hill spoke on the Iditarod


January 1997 – Nancy Bowman- Saddlebred Restaurant –


December 13, 1998 – Nancy Hendrickson – Pasquale’s Restaurant – Also handed out the Club’s first Canine God Citizens Awards


December 1, 1999 – Angie Sweeney – Texas Steak House – Craig Hayes – Schutzhund Training


December 2000 – Marlene Church – Texas Steak House – Fayette County Humane Society


December 2001 – Sheila Rice – Black Night Country Club


December 2002 – Connie Peterson / Diane Orange – Black Night Country Club   


December 14, 2003 – Kim Rowley – Pasquale’s


December 2004 – Pat Hodges, Lewisburg, WV – Black Night Country Club


December 2005 – Kim Cassida / Marlene Church- Black Night Country Club


December 3, 2006 – Marty Agee, Beckley, WV – Guest Speaker, Patty Wolfe, KY.  – Logan’s Restaurant  25 People in attendance.



Educational Programs for the Members of the BWVKC, Inc.



Ralph Dollman – Organizing a Club


Jack Thompson – Handling Classes and Organizing a Club


Dr. Ben Dorsey – Beckley, WV - Parvo Virus


Dr. Arthur Wills – Daniel, WV – Raising Healthy Puppies


Dr. Henderson – Oak Hill, WV – Eye Diseases


Joseph Scheff – Structuring


Benny Holley – Beckley, WV – Holley Dog Kennels – Dog Tattooing


Postmaster Mark Matic – Beckley, WV – Dog Problems with the Postal Service


Dr. William Perry – Beckley, WV – Micro Chipping, Parvo / Other


Dr. Cody Lockheart – Beckley, WV – Dog Diseases


American Kennel Club Film – Quest for a Quality Dog Show


Jack Thompson – Dog Shows


Dr. C. S. Swank – Oak Hill, WV – Dog Problems


Internal Revenue Service – Tax Information / Hobby or Business


Annual Blessing of the Animals – St Francis Church


Moss Bow Seminar – Charleston Country Club


AKC Officers Seminar – Huntington Kennel Club


Ear Clinic Seminar – Huntington Kennel Club


VPI Vet Tour – New River Valley Kennel Club & Beckley WV Kennel Club Sponsor


AKC – Judging a Dog Show & How to Hold a successful Dog Show


Beckley Police Department – Beckley, WV – Drug Enforcement Dogs

Sponsored Pet Shows – New River Park – (AKC told the Club that we could not do this any more because not all the dogs were registered pure bred dogs)


George Austin – Handling Classes


Clinton Lehman – Bone Structure & Movement


Dr. William Perry – Beckley, WV – Backyard Breeding / Puppy Mills


Love On a Leash – Beckley, WV – BWVKC Sponsored


Kathy Fleming – Beckley, WV - Artificial Insemination


Kathy Fleming – Beckley, WV - Professional Dog Grooming


Kathy Fleming – Beckley, WV – Tube Feeding / Raising Puppies


Kathy Fleming – Beckley, WV – Genetics


Dog Therapy


Pam Parson – Beckley, WV – First Aid for Dogs


Laura Plumley – Shady Springs, WV – Obedience


Marie Ziegler – Shady Springs, WV – How to Have a Dog Show


Marie Ziegler – Shady Springs, WV -  Stewarding a Dog Show


Members of the Beckley WV Kennel Club – Description of their Breed and how they obtained their dog and the titles they obtained on them


Members of the Beckley WV Kennel Club – Know your Breed / Breed Standards                   Channel 59 Television Station, Marie Ziegler, Nancy Bowman, Pam Parson, Laura Plumley


Taught Conformation Classes for the Club - Diane Orange / Kathy Fleming / Marie Ziegler / Nancy Bowman / Pam Parsons – BWVKC, Beckley, WV


Taught Dog Obedience Classes for the Club - Angie Sweeney, Laura Plumley, Kim Cassida, Pam Parson, Nancy Bowman, Marie Ziegler,  BWVKC, Beckley, WV




Judged Canine Good Citizen Classes: - Angie Sweeney, Nancy Hendrickson, Marie Ziegler, Nancy Bowman, Kim Cassida, Kim Rowley, Laura Plumley – BWVKC, Beckley, WV


Activities that the BWVKC have participated in


Breed Rescue

Canine Good Citizen Test

Love On A Leash - Charleston, Huntington, Beckley


Nursing Home Visits

VA Medical Center

Pine Lodge Nursing Home



Bay Berry Retirement Home

Christmas Parades, Beckley, WV / Sophia, WV

Obedience Training / Demonstrations

All Breed Dog Shows / Demonstrations

Matches A & B

Mall Demonstrations with Dogs

Free Dog Washes

Pet Shows


Education Seminars to train the public

Helping Needy Children at Christmas and Thanksgiving – Adopting a Family

Wash & Wax Trailer

Picnics – Nancy Hendrickson, Little Beaver, Angie Sellards, Marie Ziegler,

Raffles for the BWVKC

Parade of Champions

Flooding in Mullens, WV

Kids Classic

Dog Shows

Educational Programs

First Aid Programs – CPR – Pam Parsons

Westminster Party – Kathy Fleming

Swimming Party – Nancy Hendrickson, Jack Weber

Halloween Party’s – Marlene Church, Kim Cassida

WSWP Membership Drive – December 8, 1995

Hurricane Hugo

Donating Dog Vest to K-9 Police Dogs, Beckley, WV

Helping Needy Family’ s in the Beckley, WV area at Thanksgiving

     and Christmas Time.

Temperament Testing – Comfort Inn, Angie Sellards

Animal Rescue



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