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Our annual Spring dog show will be held at the West Virginia State Fairgrounds, Lewisburg WV

April 29th - May 2nd 2010.

This will be an All breed Conformation Show with Obedience and Rally Trials


Please visit for more information






Club Member Pam Parson with Parker winning a 4 point major


If your and/or your family will be making plans to attend a dog show here are a few tips to read prior to coming:

Dog Show Etiquette

Show and Obedience Dogs are generally well-socialized with other dogs and have good manners with people. However, in the interests of courtesy:
  • Always ask the owner before petting a dog, and teach your children this important rule.
  • Approach the dog from the front and allow the dog to set the pace by giving him a chance to sniff your hand. Do make sure your hands are clean!
  • Keep food out of reach, and away from the obedience rings.
  • Donít block the entrance to the show rings.
  • Wait until after the class to ask questions and pet the dog. Most handlers will be nervous right before showing, and may be warming their dog up or grooming.
  • Because of high foot traffic, strollers are best left at home to avoid injuring dogs.
  • Visit the education booth for brochures and information about purebred dogs, dog shows, performance events, and more.
  • Leave your pet at home! Unentered animals (besides service animals) are not allowed on the grounds, and are likely to misbehave since they aren't accustomed to the bustling atmosphere of a dog show.

You're thrilled to be going to the show, but haven't got a clue what it is all about, right?  Not to worry!  Just print this handy DOG SHOW GUIDE and bring it along.  This isn't the encyclopedia of Dog Shows but it will help you with the basics, and hopefully, help you enjoy the show a bit more!  Ready?  Here we go!

1000 Entries >> 150+ Best of Breed Winners >> 7 Group Winners >>


Why Dog Shows?   Dog shows are events that serve multiple purposes.  First, with over 150 different AKC recognized breeds of purebred dogs in this country, shows are an ideal venue to exhibit and introduce some of the lesser known breeds of dogs and to educate and learn about a breed's history and origins.  Secondly, it is a showcase for breeders and owners to exhibit their finest breed examples, bring out their up and coming young dogs, and socialize with other breeders and dog fanciers.   Third, a show is where a dog earns points towards Titles - Championship, Obedience, Agility. 

General Dog Show Schedule:

        The typical All-Breed dog show starts about 8AM and continues throughout the day until about 4-5 PM, depending on the number of dogs entered.  The first order of the day is breed judging.  There are well over 150 different breeds recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) and most, if not all, are represented at All-Breed shows.  So, the majority of the show day is spent judging each breed.  There are several rings designated for presenting your dog. The ring is reserved for the judge, the Ring steward, and the exhibitors with their Dogs.  No one else is allowed in the ring. Several rings are set up so that different breeds can be judged simultaneously.  The judging program and catalog list the judging time and the ring # for each breed and the names of the dogs who are entered. 


        In the Dog Show Ring, the sexes are divided and judged separately.   They are judged according to the breed standard, which is a detailed description of what the ideal should be.  The judge compares each of the dogs to each other to determine which one is the most ideal, according to the standard.  NOTE:  Keep in mind that this is NOT an absolute science.  The breed standard is used, of course, but personal interpretation of the standard and personal preference can play a large part in the final selections. The boys (DOGS) are judged before the girls (BITCHES).  As you watch the judging, you will notice handlers and dogs going in and out of the ring-sometimes multiple times.  What's going on?  Within each sex, there are several CLASSES in which your dog can be entered. One handler may be exhibiting several different dogs in various classes. The usual regular classes are: 

PUPPY 6-9 months:  A dog or bitch that is at least 6 months old and not greater than 9 months old and not a Champion.

PUPPY 9-12 months:  A dog or bitch that is at least 9 months old and not greater than 12 months old and not a Champion.

12-18 months:  A dog or bitch that is at least 12 months old and not greater than 18 months old and not a Champion.

NOVICE:  A dog or bitch that is at least 6 months old, has not won 3 first place awards in the Novice class, has not won a first place award in the Bred-By-Exhibitor or Open classes, and has not won any points towards a Championship.

BRED-BY-EXHIBITOR:  A dog or bitch that is at least 6 months old, owned by the breeder, and not a Champion.  Dogs in this class MUST be handled by the breeder or a member of the immediate family of the breeder.

OPEN: A dog or bitch that is at least 6 months old and not a Champion.

FIRST- Blue Ribbon, SECOND- Red Ribbon, THIRD- Yellow Ribbon, FOURTH- White Ribbon.

Ok, now that we have all the classes straight, the judge will award placements First through Fourth in each class for all the boys (DOGS).  Then, the First place winners of each Dog Class will re-enter the ring for WINNERS class. The AKC requires that a dog earn a total of 15 points at AKC shows in order to earn a CHAMPIONSHIP.  There are other requirements as well, but we won't get into that here.  One Dog will be chosen as WINNERS DOG. The identical routine will be followed for all the girl (BITCH) classes, with one Bitch being chosen as WINNERS BITCH. 

WINNERS class is very important since only the WINNERS DOG and the WINNERS BITCH of each breed receive POINTS towards their CHAMPIONSHIPS. The SECOND place winner of whichever class the WINNERS DOG or WINNERS BITCH came from will then re-enter the ring for RESERVE WINNERS class.  No points are awarded for RESERVE WINNERS.

WINNERS- Purple Ribbon,   RESERVE WINNERS- Purple & White Ribbon

After both WINNERS DOG and WINNERS BITCH have been chosen, the BEST OF BREED (also known as SPECIALS) class enters the ring.  The dogs and bitches entered in this class are all Champions of Record and both sexes are judged together.  The WINNERS DOG and WINNERS BITCH chosen also have the right to compete in this class and will re-enter the ring.  From this class, the judge will select one dog or bitch as BEST OF BREED, one dog or bitch as BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, and either the WINNERS DOG or WINNERS BITCH as BEST OF WINNERS.  Only the dog or bitch selected as BEST OF BREED will represent its breed in the next phase, the GROUP JUDGING.

BEST OF BREED- Purple & Gold Ribbon, BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX- Red & White Ribbon,  BEST OF WINNERS- Blue & White Ribbon


There are 7 Groups in which all breeds are categorized.  The GROUPS are:


After all BREED judging is completed, GROUP judging commences.  The BEST OF BREED winner represents its breed within its GROUP.  The judge does not judge the dogs in each GROUP against each other. That has already been done in the BREED judging.  Instead, the dogs in each GROUP are judged as to how closely each adheres to its own BREED STANDARD. Ideally, the dog that is MOST like what it is supposed to be is awarded FIRST in its GROUP.  Awards 1 through 4 are given in each GROUP and are considered very prestigious.

All 7 GROUPS are judged in the same way.  After GROUP judging is completed, the highlight of the show begins - BEST IN SHOW.

The FIRST place winner of each of the 7 GROUPs re-enters the ring to compete for BEST IN SHOW. 

So, after starting with as many as 1000 dogs or more at 8 AM, we are now down to the 7 dogs remaining in competition.  It is generally understood that any one of these 7 GROUP winners is equally deserving of the big prize, .........




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